In Bocas del Toro we decided to protect our natural environments. Here, it was created the first Marine Park of the country.
And also the biggest natural corridor of Central America, part of a trans-boundary effort to keep in good shape the unique fauna and flora of Panama and Costa Rica: La Amistad International Park and La Amistad Biosfera Reserve.
The beauty of the underwater scenery of our Archipelago attracts the snorkeller and the avid scuba diver.
And the nature lovers have enough ecosystems, from the mountains to the see, to be bussy all their life.
Bird watching is fascinating, especially in the sanctuary, Bird Island, today declared wildlife reserve.
But its not all over here. The options are many more, as you will be discovering in the following pages.

Tourism Heaven

This place is the most vigorous tourism destinations of the country, with a lot of attractions and plentifull services, very well connected with the rest of the country and the world, by land, sea or air.

Easy Services

At short distance from the attractions we find many tourism services, from the tours operators to the finest hotels and a good number of places where to eat or to have a drink, as well as taxis or buses.

Easy Tours

The tour options are very diverse: trek in the forests, canopy, kayaking, river rafting, marine tours, visits to our protected areas, birds and fauna watching, or simply walking along Bocas's main street.

Easy Climate

BOCAS is a place that it will surprise you pleasantly with only two seasons: rainy or not rainy, moderate temperatures and no big storms. Sometimes, specially in the islands, a refreshing breeze used to improve the sensations.

Easy Natural

Abundant natural resources: coral reefs and mangrove forest in transparent seawater lagoons, mountains covered by primary and secondary forests, an extraordinary fauna diversity, singing creeks of crystal clear waters, national reserves.

Easy connections

Excellent air, sea and land connections. By air, with flights to/from Panama City and San Jose (Costa Rica). By land, travelling by the road between Almirante and the Inter-American Highway. By sea, with Costa Rica, Colon (Panama) and Cartagena (Colombia).


Since the first time our Bocas Tourism Portals were out, in Internet, 20 years ago, we received the suport of:




In the Bocas del Toro province there are two domestic airports: at Bocas del Toro town, in Colon Island, and in Changuinola. One airline travel between Panama City (Albrook Airport) and Bocas del Toro and Changuinola: AIR PANAMA. Consult the website to know the schedules and prices of the flights.
Travelling from Panama City, take the bus to Bocas del Toro in the Panama Albrook terminal. It stops in the crossroads of Rambala (8 hours), in Almirante (9.5 hours) and in Changuinola (11 hours). Traveling from David, Take the bus to Bocas del Toro in the city terminal. Times: to Rambala (2 hs), Almirante (3.5 hs) and Changuinola (4 hs). If you are going to the Archipelago, leave the bus in Almirante and take a taxi to the marine taxis terminal.
Traveling from Panama City take the Panamerican Highway up to the entrance to Gualaca (404 Km). Turn to the right and the road to Chiriqui Grande (98 Km) and then, at Rambala (90 km), in a crossroads where there are a gas station and a restaurant, turn to the left, taking the road to Almirante (68 km) and Changuinola (98 km). Roads are paved, in good condition. Beautiful views in the mountains. If you are going to the Archipelago stop in Almirante, where you can leave the car in a parking lot or take it in the FERRY BOAT to Bocas del Toro (Colon Island). If you are going to Chiriqui Grande, at the crossroads of Rambala, go straight 8 km more. Traveling from David, take the Panamerican Highway up to the entrance to Gualaca (10 Km). Turn to the left and go to the end of the road to Chiriqui Grande (98 Km). Then follow the instructions above.


There is a bus from Limon (departs with intervals of 2 hours) that ends at the border (Sixaola). To go to Almirante from the border you can take a taxi ($20), or a bus ($1) or taxi ($5) to the Changuinola bus terminal, and here a bus to Almirante ($1.50 - 45 minutes).
The quickest way is to make the border crossing in Sixaola / Guabito, then drive to Changuinola (10 km), Almirante (35 Km) intended for the Archipelago, or Chiriqui Grande (100 km). The road is paved, in good condition. If you are going to the Archipelago stop in Almirante, where you can leave the car in a parking lot or take it in the FERRY BOAT to Bocas del Toro.

At Almirante take a marine taxi ($6 - 30 minutes), that departs each half hour from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm or the FERRY BOAT, if you bring the car with you, (2 hours) to Bocas del Toro (Colon Island). The ferry boat Almirante/Bocas del Toro only runs tuesdays to sundays, leaving Almirante at 7:00 am and Bocas del Toro at 03:00 pm.
The cost of the car transportation in the Ferry depends on the size of the car, starting at $ 25,00 each way.