At only 30 minutes by boat, there is another Bocas del Toro: the mainland towns, communities and attractions.
Is the world of the production (bananas, cocoa, fruits, self-sustainable agriculture) and the businesses (banks, companies, shops).
But it is also a world with their own tourism attractions, most of them waiting to be discovered.



Traveling through the Bocas del Toro Province, you are surrounded by culture, several different ethnias, depending on the place.
Bocas Town is the most cosmopolitan: people from around the world fall in love with its attractions and come for sightseeing or to live here, many of them from US and Europe. But the mix of local cultures is also impresive: ngabe indigenous, latinos from different parts of the country, plus an important contingent of afro-caribbean descendants.
In the mainland we also got people from other provinces like Chiriqui, Los Santos and Veraguas.
Together with several communities of Ngabes, Naso Tjer Di and Bribri, complete the map of cultures.
And do not forget the very important natural resources such as rainforests, cloud forests, wetlands, rivers, mangroves and fauna and flora that in many cases only find here.
Again, its not all over here. The options are many more, as you will be discovering in this, our Bocas Travel Portal,