Bocas del Toro is a town with a strong personality.
In Bocas Town you know you are on vacation the moment you arrive.
No hassle for taxis. No long ride to town. No big city atmosphere. A lot of people walking or biking.



During a tour through the Bocas del Toro Archipelago (The Islands), you have an inmediate sense of unspoiled and unpolluted nature.
In Bocas del Toro we decided to protect our natural environments. Here was created the first Marine Park of the country.
The beauty of our underwater scenery attracts the snorkeller and the avid scuba diver.
Bird watching at the islands is fascinating, especially in the sanctuary, Bird Island, today declared wildlife reserve.
But, its not all over here. The options are many more, as you will be discovering here, in our Bocas Travel Portal,